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Middle School Curriculum

Take a peek at a few segments from one of our live TechTrep classes!

All of our students are able to participate daily in live TechTrep classes for Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

Sample Curriculum Standard Package for 6th Grade

The Standard curriculum package comes with the books and workbooks for your student to complete their entire year of school at home. It includes easy to use lessons and books that can be completed with simple parent directions and guidance. The curriculum in the Standard package requires 30 minutes or less preparation time by the parent. If you would like to substitute any of the items in the standard package with the alternatives please talk with your curriculum specialists. Many items in the alternative lists require more extensive parental involvement.


  • G.U.M. Grammar Book
  • IEW Ancient History
  • Accelerated Reader subscription


  • Classical Worktexts
  • Easy grammar
  • Six trait writing


  • ALEKS math
  • Khan Academy


  • Singapore Math Lesson
  • Books A & B
  • Subscription


  • Everything you need to know about Middle School Science
  • 180 Days of Science


  • Generation Genius subscription
  • Discovery Education

Everything You Need to Know About World History


  • Khan academy
  • 180 Days of Social Studies
  • Discovery Education

Sample Year-at-a-Glance Curriculum for 6th Grade

Language Arts Math Science Social Studies
  • Personal Narratives
  • The structure of a Story
Whole Numbers
  • Factors & Multiples
  • Order of Operations
Earth Science
  • Earth’s place in the Universe
  • Earth’s motion
Development of Early Civilizations (Mapping & Characteristics)
  • Folk tales, retelling stories,
  • Outlining an essay
  • Layers of the Earth
  • Rocks & Minerals
Spread of Civilization - Adapting Environments
November Identifying Main Ideas, inference and theme Decimals Earth’s changing surface (Landforms, earthquakes, Volcanoes, tectonic plates) Culture & Community - Role of Religion in early civilizations
December Poetry - Analyzing and Writing poetry Negative Numbers, Ratios, Rates Weathering & deposition History - Middle Age Civilizations
January Finding key details and main ideas of nonfiction texts. Annotating non-fiction texts Algebraic Expressions Water on the Surface and the Atmosphere Geography - How physical resources affect the development of civilizations
February Expository writing, Nation Reports Equations & Inequalities Weather Governments around the World
March Focus on Grammar Revising and Editing our Work Geometry Coordinates & Graphs Climates around the World Culture: Then & Now
April Speaking & Listening skills - Creating and presenting Historical people reports Geometry Area, Surface Area & Volume Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources Economics - Types of Economic systems
May Figurative Language & Spring Poems Displaying & Comparing Data Earth Science Projects Economics - Business

“This has been the most positive school experience our family has ever had. The administration is beyond phenomenal. Our teacher was encouraging and helpful. This is a schooling option that Is giving our children educational opportunities we never dreamed were possible”.

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