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US High School Diploma for International Students

Earn American High School Diploma While Residing In Your Own Country

All international students are welcome to apply for enrollment in our online school programs. International students are eligible for our elementary, middle school, or high school programs.

International online education or earning an online United States school diploma is becoming a popular option for international students looking to advance their education. Online school programs cover a wide range of educational subjects and courses; students discover it’s easy to study online because it offers the benefit of completing their education at their own pace and schedule.

International students enrolling in our high school program, can earn a US High School Diploma without traveling to the United States. This eliminates the expenses associated with traveling to the United States, acquiring housing accommodations, and obtaining Student Visas (I-20).

As a dual diploma program, students continue their country’s education while simultaneously enrolled in our school. With an online program, students may still receive a degree from another country without leaving their home country. This gives students the freedom to study at Knowledge Schools while living at home.
Another very important benefit is that most American universities will accept the international student (with an American high school diploma) without requiring the TOEFL or IELTS exams.

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”As a homeschool partner they are so supportive, and I love the resources! They respect and support our homeschool journey and are wonderful to work with!”

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