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We are committed to providing many options to help all students succeed. Our teachers work closely with students at their instructional pace while helping them bridge any learning gaps.

Often students struggle in traditional school settings because they are bored, and the class moves too slow or too quickly. At Knowledge Schools, we customize learning to give students the flexibility to work at their pace.

If your student needs more intervention, we can adapt education to provide more opportunities for practice materials, step-by-step directions, projects and other customized options. As a team, we draft a learning plan based on your student’s needs, learning goals, and data from diagnostic tests that you can use at home.

Teachers monitor your student’s progress with data collected from the program. A follow-up meeting helps determine if interventions are working or if more intensive approaches, such as direct teacher instruction or weekly one-on-one lessons, are needed.

Throughout this process, the team monitors student progress and adjusts the intensity and nature of interventions or challenges.

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